The Other Woman


I recognize your body

Am familiar with your face

I know the way you look and feel

And know the way you taste


I have watched you sleep beside me

Your bag perched beside the bed

I accepted what was offered

Though it was never said


Stolen moments, chances taken, secret rendezvous

Too few hours to fall in love

A secret world created for two

A gossamer cloud from above


Questions never answered

Even fewer questions asked

Too many painful goodbyes

A fake smile hiding my face like a mask


I never knew your other life

And you knew even less of mine

An unspoken rule between us

About walking that fine line


Now looking back after the end

I know we did not even exist

Like a brilliant dream about “Happily Ever After”

We completely vanished into the mist


 Over before it began

Paper Doll’s Lament

paper doll 2

There is no doubt

I am a girl without.

A paper doll inside a book,

Not a hug, a dance or even a look.

Nobody wants to take the time

To discover me and cut on the line.

No one comes to take the paper doll out to play,

Not even on a cold and wet rainy day.

So I live in a doll magazine inside of a box,

Filled with family treasures guarded by a stuffed fox.

Here I will stay in my one dimensional world

Until somebody decides to give me a twirl.

Stuck between pages eight and ten

Waiting to see daylight again.

Longing to love, to touch, to feel,

Always wanting to be real.

I do not care about this or that,

I just do not want to be…


Internet Friend


I had a friend on the Internet,

One I will not soon forget.

He gave me advice,

We volleyed and served.

Then one day he disappeared,

It was obvious that I no longer deserved…

I should have known after all these years

Not to look forward,

It only leads to tears.

Somehow I let down an invisible wall,

Someone came in and I let them play ball.


Now it is over…

And, imagine that…

It has left me feeling …

Of all things…


The Swim


She stood beside the ocean ready to jump in

Her lover called behind her,

“But, you don’t know how to swim.”


She leapt from the rocks high into the air,

Her lover staring in disbelief

Ready to cry out in despair.


Her body strikes the water with perfect grace and form,

The lover almost faints not watching what happens next,

She moves slowly with the ocean, swimming back towards shore.


His eyes are teary as he confesses,

“I thought you were going to die.”

She turns to him in her reply, “Silly boy, I’ve been taking lessons.”

The End of the Rainbow

Rainbow, Asturias, Spain

The pot of gold always out of reach

There is no sand on a warm beach;

Just a demonized leprechaun protecting the pot.


Brightly colored rainbows streak across the sky

Fading into black as the evil leprechaun screams for all dreams to die;

The gold always out of reach.


Fairies dance around begging for the dreams to survive

Just a chance for something to thrive;

The wicked leprechaun casts his spell denying life.


The gold continues to grow in the pot

Unimaginable wealth of dreams that cannot be bought;

The vindictive leprechaun protecting the gold.

Only One Night


A stolen glance

Across the room;

Eyes that dance

To a lover’s tune.

Smiles and talk

Lead to kisses and caresses;

Long lingering hugs,

Discarded dresses.


Over in one night,

Like the bloom of the Casablanca Lily;

Fading away as the sun rises over the mountains.

The lovers part, as if they had never met…

Tug of War


My heart is the rope

In a tug of war;

It’s not a game,

No one will score.

You chase after me,

I run away;

Just as you flee,

I look your way.

Your patience grows thin,

Mine never existed;

This game that we’re in,

The way I resisted…


Just when I think my heart is steady

You find you’re not ready.

The rope wears out…