The Paper Doll


I am flat like a paper doll,

No way to stumble,

No way to fall.

Here I sit in black and white,

Mostly in darkness,

Searching for light.

Sometimes I feel my edges curl,

A second dimension,

Enters my world.


Something happens and flattens me out,

Crushing my hopes,

Leaving me… without.

Suicidal Tendencies

Abandoned and alone inside my head,

Always wondering, better off dead?

Cannot stop thinking about mistakes of my past,

Suicide Story

How much longer must this pain last?

I have run away as fast as I can,

Always living the life of the damned.

No matter how hard I try,

I always have the urge to die.

Where are you with your arms of steel?

Did I make you up? Are you even real?


If I said I loved you


would you run away,

Would you find me clingy

if I begged you to stay?

If I exposed my soul and

turned my heart inside out,

Would it fill your head

full of doubt?

If I told you I was scared because

I had been hurt before,

Would it cause you

to run out the door?

If I was filled with pain

and sat to cry,

Would you leave me alone

and let me die?

If I could not hold back

and I said it anyway,

Would I be able to convince

you to stay?

I love you…

On Being Uninspired…

Inspiration Point (1326461099)
Inspiration Point (1326461099) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sitting in the darkness

Feeling uninspired.

The silence envelopes me like a fog,

Seeping deep into the very core of my being.

The loneliness reaching in and filling my cracked and broken soul,

Cementing the solitude in my veins.

Inspiration evades me,

As does peace and happiness.

My mind is chaotic,

My body in turmoil.

I wait…

for inspiration to return.