Paper Doll’s Lament

paper doll 2

There is no doubt

I am a girl without.

A paper doll inside a book,

Not a hug, a dance or even a look.

Nobody wants to take the time

To discover me and cut on the line.

No one comes to take the paper doll out to play,

Not even on a cold and wet rainy day.

So I live in a doll magazine inside of a box,

Filled with family treasures guarded by a stuffed fox.

Here I will stay in my one dimensional world

Until somebody decides to give me a twirl.

Stuck between pages eight and ten

Waiting to see daylight again.

Longing to love, to touch, to feel,

Always wanting to be real.

I do not care about this or that,

I just do not want to be…


The Paper Doll


I am flat like a paper doll,

No way to stumble,

No way to fall.

Here I sit in black and white,

Mostly in darkness,

Searching for light.

Sometimes I feel my edges curl,

A second dimension,

Enters my world.


Something happens and flattens me out,

Crushing my hopes,

Leaving me… without.